Welcome to VIRTUALLY NATIVE. My name is Vladimir and I am an English teacher.

Growing up in Bulgaria, behind the Iron Curtain, we had very limited access to western culture and especially books, music, and movies from the US and England.

I started learning English seriously at age 27.
I started teaching English 3 years later.

I have a unique experience as both an adult learner and teacher of English. I taught over 20,000 individual lessons to more than 2,100 people during the course of 12 years. I've also observed over 200 teachers and their students. And here is what I learned:

Language cannot be taught.

Foreign language learning as a separate school subject should not exist. Language schools should not exist (watch the video below).

I say I'm an English teacher, but I think of myself as an educator. I stopped teaching English, and instead started teaching how to learn English without a teacher.

My Credos:
Language is a tool for getting Knowledge.
Language = Knowledge.
Monolingual Dictionaries are the most important study tool.

EVERYTHING you need to know about HOW TO LEARN English WITHOUT A TEACHER is in my Books and Courses.